“I feel I have always been connected to this machinery, which seeks to provide the country with a better service, and now I am helping provide this service in the best possible way”

Daniel started working at Enel in 2002. The first power plant he stepped on was the historical power plant of Santa Rosa, the pioneer in supplying our capital city with electricity. From that facility, as the now Head of Environment, Permitting and Quality, he and his team guarantee the compliance with all the legal and environmental commitments and obligations the company has accepted.

His job includes administrative tasks, as he manages permissions for the construction and operation of every power plant. In addition, he is in charge of the inspection and assessment of power plants since they are projects until their construction, operation and even when their lifetime is over.

“It is necessary to control environmental impacts in every stage and comply with the established measures for mitigation, control and problem-solving”

Impacts depend on the type of power plant: hydroelectric, thermal, wind or photovoltaic. If it is thermal, for instance, Daniel will be careful on how it affects the quality of air. 

“Be a witness of a construction process from the moment the area is demolished and prepared to begin the construction, and be present in civil, power and mechanical works until the button to generate electricity is pushed, is the best university anyone can have in their lives. Nothing compares to this experience”

He lived this in the launch of the modern TG8 Unit, which started operations in 2009, has 188.21 MW of actual power and works with natural gas.

As a matter of fact, Daniel is currently living a better experience as his wife is pregnant with a girl. Given that both of them are engineers, they are sure their daughter will be definitely curious and restless.